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Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) risk, services will be held online as a preventative measure.

COVID-19 UPDATE | March 18, 2020

To all our Redeemer members:                                                                              


I just wanted to take a moment and remind you all that we love you guys very much and hope that all of you are doing well in this time. As many of you have seen, the governor put a stay at home order for everyone except for essential services. 


The good news for us, is that churches are considered essential services under the new guidelines for Denver*, which means that our staff can continue coming in as long as they are not sick or feeling ill. This also enables us to continue streaming our services without interruption for now, as it only takes a few of us to do this. 


Someone will be at the church to take phone calls and stay connected.


We are of course are working to follow the CDC guidelines. Believe it or not, we were already washing our hands regularly before all of this happened!


Trust me, it is about 1000 times safer for the few staff members we have to come to the church everyday than it is to go to the market or anywhere else.


So please keep in touch with us, as we work to stay in touch with you.


We are working to find out who in our church body is working in the medical field, or are first responders, or on the front lines, such as at Walmart, so we can be praying for you by name.


Also, if you have lost your job at this time let us know so we can pray for you as well.


If you are sick, let us know, we will pray. This is the greatest thing we can do for you in this time.


I know all this can change in a moment, but for now we are still up and running!



In His Love,


Pastor Andrew

Redeemer Temple